Sealing systems

Project management

Concept, construction and integration:

  • draft concept
  • design of profile sections (material composition)
  • FEM-calculations of non-linear materials
  • assembly analysis
  • construction of vulcanization nodes
  • fastenings and assembly concepts

Assembly analysis

Prototyping and coordination

Used software:

Some of the projects we have worked on:

Škoda, BMW – F01, F02, F06,F07, F10, F11, F12, F13, F18, F25, G10, G30, G32

DC – C218, R231, R197, Lamborghini – LB 834 , RR – RR02,RR04, Spyker, Fisker – Karma, Aston Martin – ASVH 400, AM ONE 77 , PSA – T75

JLR L462,L551, L392, X391, X393, L663, X260, X540, L560

BMW F15, F16

Nissan P33B, P77A. Hyundai IK, Volvo Flush